Disputed Decision: NFF Rule No Goal in Enyimba vs Doma United Game

A significant development has taken place regarding the controversial NPFL match between Doma United and Enyimba FC, as the Disciplinary Committee of the Nigeria Football Federation has resolved to address the protest lodged by Doma United against the initial ruling by the NPFL.

Through an extensive investigation, the committee has strongly asserted that there was no valid goal scored during the game, casting further doubt on the match’s outcome.

During the scrutiny of the events, intriguing revelations emerged surrounding the testimony provided by the referee.

Initially, the referee corroborated the claim that the goal was scored from an offside position, only to retract this assertion later on.

Shockingly, the referee cited concerns for his personal safety and potential backlash from the home team officials as the underlying factor behind his change of heart.

Disturbingly, he admitted to being coerced by the very officials to fabricate and submit a modified report while alone in the locker room.

After conducting a thorough examination, the committee arrived at several crucial determinations.

Primarily, they criticized the referee’s decision to alter his initial ruling after the game had already resumed, flagrantly violating Law 5, FIFA/IFAB Laws of the game.

In addition, the committee deemed the referee’s unprecedented decision to leave the pitch and review the relevant footage in the Outside Broadcasting Van (OB Van) as a breach of the established practices endorsed by FIFA, CAF, NFF, and NPFL.

Considering all pertinent factors, the committee unanimously decided to uphold the result of the match as a 0-0 draw, confirming the disallowed goal that was scored from an offside position.

Furthermore, they expressed their support for the NPFL’s determination to treat the match as conclusive, citing Rule B.13.55.2 of the NPFL Framework and Rules.

Notably, the committee also reprimanded the Match Commissioner for their failure to fulfill their responsibilities in a diligent manner.

It is crucial to highlight that the committee’s decisions do not infringe upon the right to appeal.

All involved parties retain the option to seek further recourse should they deem it necessary.

The committee’s underlying objective throughout this process has been to uphold the values of fairness, transparency, and the adherence to the established principles set forth by the governing bodies of football.

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