Important Update: CAF Shares Statement on Interclub Competitions and Club Licensing System

In a significant development, the CAF Interclub Competitions and Management of the Club Licensing System Committee convened to address the incident that transpired during the second leg semi-final encounter between RS Berkane and USM Alger in the esteemed TotalEnergies CAF Confederation Cup 2023/24 on 28th April 2024.

After a comprehensive evaluation, the CAF Interclub Competitions Committee, working collectively with the Management of the Club Licensing System, has reached the following decisions:

1. USM Alger will be subjected to a forfeit of 0-3, as a consequence of their involvement in the incident. This decision is rooted in the seriousness of the occurrence and the infringement of the stipulated regulations.

2. To ensure a comprehensive examination of the matter, the case will be forwarded to the Disciplinary Board for further scrutiny. The Board will explore the incident in detail and may impose additional sanctions accordingly.

3. As a direct outcome of USM Alger’s forfeiture, RS Berkane will advance to the coveted Final of the TotalEnergies CAF Confederation Cup 2023/24.

Their exemplary performance throughout the competition and adherence to the established guidelines have merited their progression.

The CAF Interclub Competitions Committee, along with the Management of the Club Licensing System, remains committed to maintaining the values of fairness and integrity across all CAF competitions.

By promptly addressing any infractions or misconduct, a robust framework is upheld that ensures the continued success and prestige of these esteemed tournaments.

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